The Long Live Men! Special Edition Book


In this limited edition NFT Book you will get the Long Live Men! digital book with a special inscription from Jed, and the collection of over one hundred Gems of Wisdom.

This NFT is the key to accessing your Long Live Men! digital book on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Act now only 300 of these will be available. Makes a great Gift.

297 in stock

Moonshot for Mankind NFT Benefits

“Long Live Men! is a triumph. It is a gift of love for men and the families who love them. Hurt men not only hurt themselves, but they too often hurt the women and children they love. Jed’s moonshot mission truly offers help to heal men and gives hope to women and us all. I can’t think of a more valuable gift we can give and receive. Together we can change the world for good.”

In this limited number (only 300 will be offered) special edition, you will also get an added appendix that includes 120 “Diamond Gems of Wisdom.” Each one was originally developed for Dr. Diamond’s private clients as tools to help them heal. Clients said, “It was like having my therapist in my pocket with wisdom I could use every day.” Together, they constitute an amazing “master class” for understanding and healing men. 

This special edition is yours for only $100. Not only will this be a gift of a lifetime for yourself or someone you love, but the money received by Dr. Diamond will be used to reach more people with tools they can use to help men and women live more fully healthy lives. We believe that by joining the Moonshot Mission for Mankind and Humanity you will be helping make the world a healthier and safer place for yourself, your children, and future generations.