These are a collection of quotes, ideas, and reflections from fifty-plus years working with clients, that are like having your “therapist in your pocket” to remind you of things you focus your attention on that can help you in healing men, healing relationships, and healing the planet.

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Watch for an email from support@vicinft.com with instructions. Please check your junk/spam and your promotions tab if you don’t see the email.

  1. Go to moonshotformankind.com
  2. Select the website menu option “Wallet”.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number. 
    a. Use the phone number associated with the purchase.
  4. Enter the SMS code to verify your account.

You will now be able to view your NFT.

After purchasing your Moonshot for Mankind Community NFT, head to our Community page and connect your web wallet to view the Moonshot for Mankind Community feed where you can get news on your community and engage with fellow members, as well as attend exclusive live virtual events hosted by Jed Diamond.

If you would like to transfer your NFT to someone else, please contact support@vicinft.com for assistance.

After logging into your web wallet, select the menu option, “Show Wallet Address” to view your web wallet’s address.

At the most basic level, a non-fungible token is a one-of-a-kind, verifiable digital asset that can be exchanged between a creator and a buyer. The one-of-a-kind characteristic is essential in distinguishing NFTs from other digital assets; one NFT is not interchangeable for another, like a dollar bill or a share of stock, but is unique and has its own value.

Digital wallets are software used to communicate with blockchain networks to safely access, send, and receive crypto funds or assets (NFTs). Simply put, the software stores your NFT just like traditional wallets store your cash and credit cards.

A blockchain is a digitally distributed ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and information across a network. You can think of it as a decentralized or distributed database.

Customers may request a refund up to 10 days from the date of purchase. After 14 days, refunds may not be possible.

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Need assistance? Email us at support@vicinft.com and we will get back within 24 hours.